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  • Folded 4"x2.5"
    Open 4"x10"

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8 Panel - 250ct. - Full Color - 100lb Glossy Text
− Folded 4"x2.5" Open 4"x10"

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The Mini Brochure

Whether it's for Business Brochures, Trade Show Handouts, a Mini Menu, Trade Show Marketing, or a Restaurant Brochure, your pitch will land in your customer's pocket. The Mini Brochure, simply put, prints out a small brochure with amazing market clout. These small brochures work in any industry and pack a lot information into a neatly folded up small size. They are often known as pocket brochures or wallet brochures in the industry. For your customers it makes an easy reference to your business -- as easy as handing off a business card yet as informative as giving a portfolio page.

Unlike similar styles of brochures, The Mini Brochure produces a small portable brochure that expands to almost the size of a half sheet of notebook paper. With 8 panels of full color display, it puts most literature handouts to shame qualitywise. See our small brochure demo of a pocket restaurant menu folded out.

Brochure templates are available to submit your own custom brochure design or you can work with our in-house design staff to find brochure marketing concepts that work for your business needs. Request a free sample brochure today!